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Make Money With Adsense – Ad Placement

Sup peoples, I hope everyone is well. I'm going to make this a short post I think as I've got plenty of web related stuff to be doing in my challenge to make money with adsense. Remember I've set myself the goal of reaching 50$ a day in the next 3 months and now that I think about it I realise this is going to real tough to achieve. It' will certainly take a huge amount of effort if I'm going to accomplish my make money online goals.

Like I said in my last post, I'm going to go over the layout and ad placement on my first ‘Make Money With Adsense' Site. I'm just going to keep things nice and simple at the moment and go for a clean layout with a couple of adsense blocks on each page, I want a high click through rate but I'm trying to avoid the spammy ‘made for Adsense' look at the same time. Its important to experiment with your ad placements but if you start off with a simple layout its easy to change things up later on and compare results.

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As you can see I'm only going to have a 468×15 Google link banner and one 300×250 Adsense block on each page. Many people would go for a higher concentration of ads on their pages but with the very small numbers of traffic I've had on the site so far I seem to be getting a high CTR so we'll keep it like this until traffic increases then we can have a bit of fun swapping stuff around.

I imagine I could increase CTR even further if I moved all the text on the page under the 300×250 block but I've got a feeling Google might frown on this, thinking I'm trying to dupe visitors into clicking by having the ads directly below the article title.

As far as the text on the page is concerned I like to have around 300-350 keyword rich words on the page. We need to give Google something to get its teeth into so it knows exactly what our pages are about to guarantee we get appropriate targeted ads served to our pages. This, along with other good on page SEO practices, will also help to improve our chances of ranking well in the search engine results pages. I'll go into SEO a bit deeper in a future post but if its something you have trouble with there are plenty of resources on the web to help you out.

Adsense Setup

When creating the ads for your site ensure that you use the channels facility so you know what blocks your visitors are clicking on.

As far as colours as concerned you want your ads to blend in with the content of your site so the could appear to be part of the navigation to a Internet browser who isn't paying too much attention. Use black for the text and the URL, blue for the title, make the background the same as your site and remove the border. I've heard reports that making the title red increases click through rate on some sites but I'll experiment with that later.