The Hydrographic Society

The Australasian Hydrographic Society is an independent learned organisation and is part of a federation of Hydrographic Societies (e.g. Benelux, Denmark, the United Kingdom and the United States) that have evolved from 'The Hydrographic Society' the former parent society based in the UK.

The original Hydrographic Society was founded in 1972 and maintains a skeleton organization at the University of East London. The New Zealand Region of the Australasian Hydrographic Society was re-established in late 1997 and has since grown to include many members from industry, government and academia (see a list of members below).

Membership in the Federation is global and broadly based, being drawn from over 70 countries. Members, both individual and institutional, represent the fields of hydrography, oceanography, geophysics, civil engineering and associated disciplines at all levels of expertise. Organisations represented in New Zealand include contract survey companies, port authorities, government, military and public service authorities, petroleum companies, research and educational institutes, professional bodies and other learned associations, acoustic and electro-magnetic system manufacturers, dredging and salvage contractors, and surveyors in all sectors of private practice.

The Society's principal aims include the promotion of the science of surveying over water and related disciplines as well as the fostering of recognised standards of education and training for those engaged, or intending to engage in hydrographic work. The Society's objectives are broadly realised by regular promotion and organisation of international symposia, seminars and technical workshops as well as by representation on, or liaison with, other major learned and professional bodies associated with surveying and the marine sciences.

The Australasian Society has recently decided to acknowledge members who have made a significant contribution to Hydrography. Please read the Awards Policy and make a submission.

A journal, the authoritative "Hydrographic Journal", is distributed worldwide free to members and on subscription to others.

It is possible to apply for membership online. To locate the application form please click on and select Membership, then select Join AHS then click on the Application Form. While the Hon. Treasurer is based in Australia we do have a regional NZ group and like to keep track of our local membership, publish local news on this website and help foster the community within New Zealand. The NZ contact is:

Secretary New Zealand Region
Australasian Hydrographic Society
New Zealand

Note that there is no pro-rata membership fees or partial yearly payments. The Society fiscal year is from June to July with dues payable July 1st.